Album Lyrics and some random thoughts

Open Letters

An album thirty-five years in the making. Click on the song title for thoughts and lyrics.

01. Prelude

02. Road

03. Oligarchy

04. Role

05. Raymond Jesse’s Ghost

06. Legacy

07. Agape

08. Meter

09. For Free

10. Golgotha

11. End of the Road?

Words and Music by Carl Groves, Jr. and Mike Koeniger with contributions from Alexander Groves.

Voices: Carl Groves, Jr. and Mike Koeniger
All musical instruments are the work of Carl Groves, Jr.
Artwork and design by Jeff Sullivan.

Produced by Carl Groves, Jr.

All songs copyright 2015 Carl Groves, Jr. and Michael Koeniger, Sr. Published by Songs from the Hill, SESAC

Front Cover Photograph: Mike Koeniger
Trio Photography: Elijah Groves and Megan Koeniger

The Lazarus Trio would like to thank Yashar, Yeshua Ha-mashiach, and Ruach Hakkodesh for Their love and the lyrics we borrowed.

Carl wishes to thank the Groves Gaggle for again abiding the wee-hours warblings and mechanical musings. Thanks to Kevin Shaw for building my Shaw amp and keeping my Hammond and Leslie in great condition. All bass was recorded using the Shaw bass preamp. Visit Kevin and his creations at Thanks to John at Bluesman Vintage for the use of one of his gems. All 4-string bass was recorded using John Scott’s Bluesman Vintage Jazz bass.  (I didn’t want to give it back!) Visit John and his gems at

Mike: I would like to thank my beautiful wife Megan, my sons Mick and Jake, and all of my family, blood is thicker than water. I would also like to thank all of my brothers and sisters in arms, honor is still alive. Thank you to my fellow teachers and all of my former students. Russ Y, thank you for everything you have done for me. Jeff, I really appreciate the groovy graphics and your friendship. Klaus B, for your discerning ear and enthusiasm. Joe B, for all of the encouragement.  Finally, I would like to thank Carl (and his family) for believing in my dream and vision. I know that it I am not always easy to work with but I appreciate you seeing this through. This would still only be a concept on a piece of paper if not for your belief in these ideas. Thank you!

“Open Letters” was recorded by the Lazarus Trio from September 2015 to July 2016 at England Recording Studios (Recorded in England, Smitty!) Mastered at England’s Mastering House.

The Lazarus Trio did not use samples or synthesizers on “Open Letters”; all sounds are real instruments in real rooms recorded with real microphones.

2016 The Lazarus Trio © All Rights Reserved.