End of the Road?: Thoughts and lyrics

A revisit of Road, but after eliminating all of the youthful enthusiasm of the opener.  Perhaps this is my epitaph, hopefully a few decades early.  But as we say elsewhere, the dance with death is terminal.  I heard a joke about how inside every old man is a young man saying, “what happened, where did the time go?”  It is so true.  There is a lot of truth in joking sometimes. -MK

I’ve been walking this road
A few decades or more
My days are over
I’ll soon see the door
Wish I could help you
With all that I’ve learned
But that is wisdom
You’ll have to earn

I’ll be back soon
Don’t get me wrong
A span of life
Is not very long

I’ve been walking this road
A lifetime or more
My cheeks are soggy
And my back is sore
I took a trip
I sought the truth
I’ll be gone soon
Can’t share it with you

Won’t be back soon
You’ve heard my song
The years of my life
Were so quickly, quickly gone

No longer walking this road
My journey is done
Hope I finished all the tasks
That I’ve begun
Going to the next life
With knowledge I earned
A good and faithful servant
Lessons not easily learned

Won’t be back soon
Time to say so long
The true wealth of my life
Will never be gone

2016 The Lazarus Trio © All Rights Reserved.