Meter: Thoughts and lyrics

So I cribbed a lot of these lyrics from the book of Proverbs.  Some of them (particularly the fugue) Carl re-wrote from my re-writes of Proverbs.  Hoping that Gabriel does not serve me with papers.  Anyway, I was struck by how the role of fathers was focused on in Proverbs. As an educator, I understand that while Moms are the best, you can usually tell when a strong male is in a child’s life.  Seems that wisdom has been around for a few years anyway. – MK

You are the meter, by which she’ll judge all men
You are the standard, whose pride he’ll try to win
You are the meter, whose values define sin
You are the gage, where her path begins

I am just man I cannot live up to that
I am far too flawed to carry so much

You are the meter, whose approval she will seek
You are the measure, their sense of safety keeps
You are the meter, he looks to your insight
You are the guardian, for her dignity you fight

You are the meter, whose eye defines beauty
You are the measure, who inspires sense of duty
You are the meter, that helps instill faith
You are the guide, at the end of each day

I am just man, I am so poor in your wisdom
I pray for you to guide, just voice in the wilderness

You are the meter, who’ll teach him ways of truth
You are the scale, who’ll help her up from youth
You are the meter, the hand of discipline
You are the judge, to them you must listen

I did not ask for this job, take it from me know
Please just let me go, and pursue my own happiness

I don’t want to be the meter, it’s not the path I choose
But He put me on it anyway, it is only mine to lose


1.    I am the meter, in righteousness take joy
Wisdom brings sight, those are my wages

2.    You, O Father are the meter, teach us all to follow mercy
Pour Your blessings down upon us, discipline us with Your teaching
Following Your grace, leads me to Your throne
Wisdom brings me sight, those are my wages

3.    I am the meter following the Lamb, by His sacrifice I am new
I am the meter You are my anchor, in Your righteousness I take joy
You are the meter Your people know you
By Your sacrifice we are healed, You are the Father I am no hero
But with You as King I am strong

4.    I am the meter integrity instilled
Blest are my children, those are my wages
Nurture your children don’t provoke them to wrath
Blessing is your true reward, blessing is your true reward
Honor my correction bring them up understanding is its own reward
Walking straight in righteousness is joy my child
Blessed be His children, those of the Lamb
On a narrow path I walk to find His grace

5.    Teach me Your word, show me the truth
Fill me with wisdom, that is my calling
Love them with all your heart, and teach them My grace
Bring them up to love Me, knowing they are My children
Honor My correction, hearken to My wrath
Listen to the Mighty One, how I love the Mighty One
Sacrifice for them, love them with your life
Righteousness brings joy, THOSE ARE MY WAGES!

2016 The Lazarus Trio © All Rights Reserved.