Role: Thoughts and lyrics

So as a proud dad I enjoy all the facets of Father’s Day.  At least I thought I did until early one Sunday morning I heard a report on deadbeat dads.  I was outraged, of all of the days to report on a subject like this, why do so on Father’s Day?  Other parts of this are based on experiences I observed as a school teacher and from watching the wonderfulness that is family court. I think this song contains a reference to having to ride herd on your donkey.  If you ever want an interesting read, check out Christina Hoff Summer’s book The War Against Boys. -MK

This was a marriage of two riffs–one Hammond and one guitar–that never found a place on the last Salem Hill album. I played them for Mike and he sang, essentially, the melodies you hear on the final product. I’m most proud of the Hammond work I did on this one. -CG

On the day set aside to honor us
You focus on the failures of a few
I try so hard for family
It’s not enough for you
You tell me that I’m irrelevant
And push me off to the side
The clown, the lech, the miserable wretch
Only worthy to deride

In the classroom you profile him
You shove our sons to the side
How he behaves doesn’t satisfy you
He’s Special Ed certified
You say his behavior isn’t feminine
He cannot ever sit still
Too aggressive, possessive, competitive
His schoolwork goes downhill

He graduates and gets a job
College isn’t for the man
No money there for honest work
So he makes it how he can
Every day out there bustin’ ass
Doing work most disdain
He don’t shirk, no perk, hard work,
Nowhere to use his brain

So you say we aren’t needed here
The courts have long decreed
As if every other weekend
Is all my children need
Being a man means nothing at all
Society tells me so
My children are better off without me
They only need my dough

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